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Stick Packs

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There are two set variants:



This set includes the most popular measurement sticks for Age of Sigmar. You'll get a long way with this pack.

  • 2 of the 3" multi stick
  • 1 of the 6" stick
  • 2 of the 9" stick
  • 1 of the 12" stick
  • 1 of the 18" stick

7 sticks in total



This pack of measurement sticks is for the player, that wants to have something for all situations, looking at you Mr. Gadget.

You'll be able to measure out everything easily, granting you a cleaner game and better game, every game.

This set includes all of the measurement sticks for Age of Sigmar in our series. You'll get all the way with this pack.

  • 2 of the 3" multi stick
  • 5 of the 3" sticks
  • 1 of the 6" sticks
  • 4 of the 9" sticks
  • 3 of the 9" deep strike/deployment zone stick
  • 2 of the 11" sticks
  • 1 of the 12" sticks
  • 2 of the 15" sticks
  • 1 of the 18" sticks

23 sticks in total. 431 is the price if bought separately. 



Multi sticks are self-explanatory. Legends are told that adapt Age of Sigmar players ends up merging with a multi stick.

The slim 3 inch sticks are great for measuring out larger areas, to make sure you stay out of combat.

The 6-inch stick, 12-inch stick, and 18-inch stick is used for a series of abilities. This range should cover all situations.

The 9-inch stick is the most common for a lot of abilities. If you deep strike a unit, teleport a unit, or even want to make sure Archaon is just outside 9" to have a successful Tzeentch agenda. The list goes on. 

The Quick Objective Setup sticks are unique to The Wargame Club. They enable you to place your objectives super quickly.  There are two in the pack so you can let your opponent use one.

The 11-inch and 15-inch stick are used in all of the new battleplans.


These sticks are made in Denmark from high-quality acrylic which has been laser engraved.

Happy gaming!